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علاج العصب

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is the treatment used to maintain a decayed or inflamed tooth, and in this process the dentist removes the tooth nerve and then cleans the inside of the tooth and places a filling that ensures the closure of the tooth tightly, and without performing this treatment, the tooth and its surroundings become vulnerable to inflammation and the formation of abscesses, It is worth noting that the age nerve is not considered essential to the health and function of the tooth after its emergence through the gums, and the sensation of hot or cold heat is its only function, and therefore its presence or absence does not affect the daily function of the age.

RCT of wisdom tooth

RCT of lower anterior teeth

RCT of upper left seven

علاج عصب للضرس السابع العلوي

RCT if lower right six

RCT if lower right six

RCT of upper wisdom tooth

علاج عصب لضرس العقل العلوي.

Rettt of lower sox with ledge which is bypassed under DOM

Treating a seventh molar nerve and filling the root with MTA.

Rettt of upper seven with broken file which bypassed

علاج عصب للضرس السابع مع وجود اداه مكسوره تم التجاوز عنها و انحناء شديد باحدى الجذور.

View of a broken instrument inside the tooth under the microscope

منظر لاداة مكسوره داخل السن تحت الميكروسكوب

Rettt of upper lateral with long broken file

RCT of lower molar with narrow canals and apical curve.

Rettt of upper six with broken file and perforation wich treated with MTA

Rettt of lower sox with ledge which is bypassed under DOM

Rettt of upper the six with two broken files

RCT of lower 4 with 3 canals

Rettt of upper six with 2 broken files

Rettt of upper 5 woth broken file

Rettt of upper right seven with three broken files, all broken files retrieved